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The Kingdom Healer The Kingdom Healer

Many people come to me with questions and concerns about their job, love life and families. They sit in front of me, on one hand, eager to get an answer; on the other hand looking frightened to hear the answer. “Are the cards going to decide my future?” “Will the reading give any negative impact on me?” are always common concerns from my clients.

Astrology reading and divination card readings are 2 ways to give guidance to our soul. The universe creates each individual and we are all walking on our own path. "I provide a safe, comfortable and totally private environment to guide you towards the right path. In fact, your path is already there…sometimes we simply just cannot see it". Astrology and tarot have helped many people go through tough times, but more importantly, it is a torch in the dark for us, so that we can see who we are, where we are going and what we are looking for.

I hope through your reading with me, you will be able to find your true self, which will give you confidence, security and peace of mind.

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The Kingdom Healer The Kingdom Healer The Kingdom Healer

I usually use both astrology/birth chart reading and divination reading for clients. Birth charts reveals your origin, the essence of your soul and the life journey you are predestined to take; tarot cards will help answer your specific questions, assist you to overcome obstacles and difficulties. A typical reading is around 40 minutes. Please be noted that reading can conducted in English, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese. 

I sometimes teach workshops and provide reading services at events as well. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to organize a divination workshop or look for a reader for your events and parties.

I prefer to provide face to face reading to achieve the best result, however if you are located overseas and would like to arrange a reading session on Skype, it is also available. Please kindly contact me for more details.