My mission statement:

I promise to deliver a service based on care, love and sincerity.

The Kingdom Healer
First time to the Healing Kingdom? Some very helpful information for new clients:

How do you conduct your reading?

As a psychic counsellor, apart from using traditional Tarot and Cartomancy, I use a very unique card reading system with a solid touch and analysis from western astrology. I don’t sugar coat things in front my clients. When you arrive, you will be seated in a comfortable, quiet and private environment to be ready for the reading. I am not a medium so I don’t talk directly to your ancestors who have passed way, but rather I offer spiritual guidance and practical method to help you find the path and even achieve your goals.

If you are arranging a distant reading due to being overseas or having difficutlies travelling to the studio, you can choose to have your reading session by Zoom or Whatsapp video call with me. During the whole session video camera will be used on my side so that you can also see the card spread. There is no difference in terms of "which one is better and more accurate?"  They work equally well and it is purely a choice of the clients' personal preference. 

A typical reading is usually conducted in English. Based on request Japanese(日本語) and Mandarin Chinese(中文) are also available.

How long and how much is a private reading session?

A standard reading session is 40 minutes at HKD700 (for both in person reading and distant call reading,). Advance payment by PayMe app or bank transfer is required to finalize the booking. You can still freely change your booking time after payment, as long as there is 24 hours notice. 

Where do you conduct your reading?

Most clients these days request online reading. In case you prefer in person reading, session is conducted in my reading studio in Wan Chai, near Star Street on Hong Kong island side. Once your booking is finalized, detailed access will be emailed to you.

Is there anything you don’t/cannot read?

Generally speaking when we have a sense of purpose and a sincere heart to consult the universe, we can always find the guidance we need. However, personally I prefer to focus on the psychological journey of the client in their lives, instead of physical health. If you have any illness/physical difficulties and want to know how to cure it, please go to see a doctor for professional advice and treatment.

Can I bring my kids, family members or friends to sit next to me?

As this is a private consultation, it is a better and more private environment for the client to come alone. However if you need any emotional or moral support from a friend or a family member, you are welcome to come together. Your friend will be sitting next to you in the same room during the session.

I have never done a reading before. Are you simply telling me what will happen? To be honest I am scared to know.

Many people are confused about the difference between “fortune telling” and “spiritual counselling”. Fortune telling is more of a simple practice to tell what is going to happen, it is more passive in the way that it seems we have no control over the future. During our spiritual counselling session, instead of simply predicting the future, we focus on analyzing your current psychology and tendencies. Nothing is stagnant and all by fate. We always have a say in our own life. The ultimate purpose of our session is to find out the right path to avoid unnecessary detour, thus the happier outcome is created through the spiritual discovery.

Would you offer readings for my guests at my function?

Yes I can. Every year I attend distinguished corporate events, private functions and fairs, and I can be booked for your private events. To make an enquiry please go to “Contact Me” page.

I am located overseas. Can I still have a reading with you online?

Yes. Distant reading is by Zoom or Whatsapp video call. Please kindly contact me for booking inquiry.